Final Semester Projects

The following projects were completed during my last semester at The University of Texas at Austin.


Graduate Campaigns: Dr. Kevin Thomas

Our client was Dahlia Green Cleaning Services. Based in Austin, Texas, this cleaning co-op only uses green products. Due to a limited budget, my group focused on low-cost, high-impact methods of improving their business and accomplishing short-term growth goals, while keeping long-term growth in mind. The following plans book and presentation detail our idea and show possible executions Dahlia could carry out when the budget becomes available.

dahlia preview

Presentation Preview

In addition, we had an individual project. We were tasked with creating a car with features that appealed to a specific target market based on a sample of one- ourselves! We were required to do an introspective purchasing journal and make inferences based on a month of purchases about the target consumer. Below are my research document and presentation.

Capture  Capture2


Advanced Account Planning: Dr. Neal Burns

For this course, my group worked with two clients. SOOTH is an app start-up looking to define key segments and design marketing programs for a launch within the next year. Ludus Tours is a travel company looking to rebrand and reach customers in a more interactive and engaging way to promote more travel. The following plans books and presentations detail our approach to solving these unique problems for both clients.






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