Visual Work

These projects are in chronological order of completion. For more details, see my Resume or CV

You can see my progress coding my own website through the UT School of Information:

Click the image to view the final project as a PDF.


AGE of Cent Tx preview image



The representative differences between fashion stories and ads in Seventeen Magazine.

Seventeen Magazine Infographics



Logo and tagline for catering company The Hunt Board Catering Company

The Hunt Board Catering Company Logo

I assist in the upkeep and research for editions of this detailed document of the IT professionals in state agencies in Texas.

State Government of Texas Chart (IT Professionals)



Interactive Voting Booth Project


Upstairs Panorama of Virginia Home

Downstairs Panorama of Virginia Home

Basement Panorama of Virginia Home

Photo of Virginia Home's Roofline



Scientific Poster Presentation Design Sample:

Nanorods Poster Design


Logo practice

Sheer Beer Company Logo


RARVP borchure preview

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